(last updated: 2013-08-19)
Hi, I am Damith Senaratne, a Sri Lankan currently living in San Diego, California, USA. I am from Pallewela, a suburban area in the Western Province of Sri Lanka.
I received my first degrees
Having received my PhD in Communications from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), University of Alberta, Canada, I am now a Systems Engineer with Qualcomm Inc. My research interests are on Wireless Communication, more specifically, on MIMO signal processing and fading countermeasures for multi-carrier transmission.
This is my personal website; feel free to browse its pages and to use any information/resource worthy of your attention. I spend quite a bit of my leisure reading, surfing the Internet, and coding among other things. Some of my code snippets, ranging from apps to MATLAB scripts, are available among others for download. The photo gallery portrays few photos I have taken in the last few years.
Do contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, or any other feedback.